346504, Russia, Rostov region, Shakhty, Skvoznoy pereulok 86A


production of transformers and inductors

ROSTCOM LLC is a modern enterprise specializing in the development, production and sale of various electronic components since 2010. The company is equipped with modern equipment that allows you to produce products of any complexity and meet the high requirements of customers, and multi-stage product control guarantees 100% quality. Currently, we produce more than 50 thousand products of various configurations per month, which are used:

  • in industrial and household radio equipment;
  • in switching power supplies;
  • in lighting equipment,
  • voltage regulators

The production capabilities of our company allow us to produce products on toroidal cores with a wire thickness from 0.15 mm to 2.5 mm, the outer core size from 15 to 100 mm, the minimum inner diameter of the finished product-8mm.

The available equipment for ordinary winding allowed to establish the production of products on frames EP, UT-ET, EE. EI, EEL, POT, UU, EF, ER-ERL, PQ, EFD, ETD, RM, standard size from 6.5 to 70.
In 2015, , the production of low-frequency transformers made of anisotropic steel was launched.

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